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How to enable dependency profiling graphs | Magento 2.3

According to this article we can enable dependency profiling graph but did not find any command for the same. As Mentioned on the page - To enable dependency graphs, use the "variable option". See ...
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How to override schema.graphqls file? [closed]

How to override schema.graphqls file of any module? Is there any way to override schema.graphqls file of any module.
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Magento 2 with gatsby grapgql for product view page?

I am using gatsby js and successfully got the product list in index.js But I need to show the detail of product on click. So I used the below code in gatsby-node.js file. const path = require('path')...
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Magento 2 - Call custom phtml before order grid

I want to show statistics graph in custom phtml. My question is, how can I call my custom.phtml before order grid
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