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Questions about totals calculation in cart, checkout and orders calculated amount would set in grand total

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Is it possible to update order item price and order total after order is place

Hi want to update order item price and grand total and order details after order is placed. suppose,I have place an order with item Item A - order item price $10 Item b - order item price $20 ...
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How to get price without currency symbol?

How can i echo grand total without the $ symbol attached to it? Am using the following code to display grand total echo Mage::helper('checkout')->formatPrice(Mage::helper('checkout')->...
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Grand total is storing as 0 while ordering the products in magento 2

Before placing the order it shows correctly the order total but after placing the order, it stores the grand total as 0 in the database table. How to fix this problem?
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Magento 2 - How to update grand total when shipping method is changed?

How can I update the grand total value when shipping method is changed to reflect new calculation? When you change the shipping method here, It must reflect the new calculation in TOTAL section.
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How can i get the order total value on success page easily? Magento 2.2

I am trying to get the order value from success.phtml page so that I can report it back in the facebook pixel. I am just looking for the simplest way to get the order value. Yes, a shortcut pretty ...
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How to show grand total of wishlist item list incluging tax?

I wants to show grand total including tax. i have follow this link to show grand total without tax how to get Grand Total of Wishlish Items in magento? and it working fine. but i need to display grand ...
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grant total not reduced after applay cupon code in magento 1.9

i have applayed a cupon code which have 100 rs rduction after apply this code i can see the discont as 100 but the grant total have no change please refer the picture
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how to get Grand Total of Wishlish Items in magento?

i am trying to get grand total of wishlist item. when we update quantity of wishlist item then total will show in price column and display the all item grand total at bottom. anybody knows answer ...
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