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Automatically input gtin number in products

I have over 50,000 products in Magento version and I want to list them on google shopping. My question is, are there any Magento extensions that will automatically generate GTIN numbers for ...
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Magento XML Google Shopping Secure URL

O.P. Hi all, I need to pull in the secure URL for the product in the Google PLA XML file The current code is: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <rss version="2.0" xmlns:g="http://...
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Link to configurable product that avoids price change

Magento offers the ability to link to a configurable product with options already specified by adding the attribute id and option to the query string, like this:
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Issue with Google Shopping plugin outputting massive arrays

I'm working on integrating Google Shopping with my Magento installation but have ran into an issue with the plugin (provided by The plugin works ...
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Facebook Shop and Google Shopping Feed

I am looking to setup a Shop on my Facebook page where it has all the products from my site on Facebook. Also I want to setup a Google Shopping feed from our store with Selected Prodcuts (not all ...
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Magento 2 Grouped Products AND Google Shopping Ads/Merchant Center

I'm sure this has been discussed before by any Magento shop managers/owners who use Grouped products and are trying to get their products added to Google Shopping. It's been a nightmare for us, as ...
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How to change/remove Google Shopping's shipping price?

I noticed that our products are showing on Google Shopping page, but it's displaying incorrect shipping info. I believe we do not have a Google Merchant Center account, so Google is automatically ...
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Redirection to a particular storeview

I a website setup in magento with 2 store views. 1 store view is the main website with normal product prices 2nd store view is set with country specific products I want to make sure that anyone who ...
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