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Is there any Magento 2 extension for Google Recommendation AI

Last year, Google launched AI & Machine Learning based Products Recommendations AI. I'm dying to implement this on my Magento 2 site. Is there an out-of-the-box extension for Magento 2 to ...
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Find distance between two customers using address

I have to find the distance between two customers using their address. I tried getting latitude and longitude of the customers using google map geocode API. But I encounter this error "You must ...
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How to disable the Bitnami banner?

I've installed the Bitnami Certified Magento on GCP. How do you disable the bitnami banner that appears in the bottom right hand of the home page? The instructions referenced on the page from the ...
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Magento 1 and Google cloud platform SQL: Mysqlserver has gone away

I would like to know if there's anyone in here having experience with google cloud SQL platform. We are experimenting a very annoying issue which is very hard to troubleshoot. Randomly, there's an ...
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Store Magento media files on Google cloud

I need to store my media files on google cloud whenever i add products image or other media files. I am trying to use module and i need ...
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Mail is not sending in Google Cloud in Vesta panel Magento 2.2

I configured Vesta Panel in Debian 9 for my magento 2 website. But mail is not working, there is no errors. But I am not receiving any mails to my mail from google cloud. I wrote firewall rules. If ...
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Magento2 cloud Setup multiple issue

The website constantly give 502 error whenever tries to edit any product or upload a product error: Lock tables although only a single query is running Next error: When i check Nginx access logs &...
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After uploading a premium theme, Magento website doesn't work although admin dashboard is working fine [closed]

I'm a bit new to php and trying to install Magento 2.1.6 with a premium theme. I'm using GCP, using their Marketplace solution for Magento. After I upload theme to Magento root (copying app, pub and ...
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Magento 2: Does magento 2 works without SQL triggers?

Here is the situation. I am using magento 2.1.6 Enterprise edition. In magento documentation it has been said that "Magento uses MySQL database triggers to improve database access during reindexing". ...
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Deploying magento on google cloud

I want to move my magento site from AWS to Google and I want to make sure Im doing it the right way as I am new with google cloud computing. These are the steps Im planning on doing: create an ...
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