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General questions based on the gift-wrap feature that is available with all the initial versions of magento since its inception.

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How to add a 'gift basket' option during checkout?

Magento 1.9.4 Porto theme We would like to offer our customers 2 options somewhere during check-out: Option #1: deliver normal @ no additional charge Option #2: deliver as gift basket for an ...
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Set the price for gift option in magento1.9

I want to set the price for particular gift option like the gift-card message on checkout to do it please provide the proper way to set the price for gift-message
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Modify "Gift Wrapping for Order" Text in Order Email

I am trying to change the text that says "Gift Wrapping for Order" to "Gift Messaging" in the order confirmation email that is sent out. I have figured out where the copy needs to ...
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How to make the content inside "gift options" be open when entering the cart?

Hi I´m editing this file: vendor/magento/module-gift-message/view/frontend/web/template/gift-message.html Is there a way to make the content inside the div with the class "gift-item-block" opened by ...
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Can't upload gift wrapping image in Magento 2

I am having trouble when I do step 8 and 9 of Gift Wrap. 8. To upload a thumbnail Image of the gift wrapping, click Choose File. Then, select the file to upload from your directory. A thumbnail of the ...
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