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I want to make full width of all cms page. now it is max-width of 1280px. i want to make it to 1720px. how can i change

I want to change max-width, but it is not overriding in custom-theme. how can i change Here is the css style . @media (min-width: 768px), print .navigation, .breadcrumbs, .page-header .header.panel, ....
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1 answer

How to set cms block design full width?

For my design i am using cms block as my hero banner, how to set full width?
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1 answer

Cannot make page-bottom width 100%

I am trying to set width of page-bottom to be 100% but unfortunately I am still unable to make it 100%. what I really want to have is: Here is my default.xml <referenceContainer name="page....
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Add fullwidth background to related products

I am trying to add a full-width background to the related products on my magento 2 site extending the luma theme. the problem i am having is that the background is being applied but the left/right is ...
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Home page content full screen

I am working on Magento 2.2.5, where I put an home page. The html of the home page is using bootstrap 4, to make it responsive an full width. What works well when seeing that html in isolation. ...
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