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How to block specific email address?

How to block specific email address? The customer is registered as guest but making series of suspected fraudulent transactions. We see he is using different credit cards, fictitious address and ...
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FRAUD from same person

We have been defrauded many times by the same person, under different names and billing addresses. However, he consistently uses the same shipping address. How can we block some address or postal ...
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B2B Orders Marked Fraud

We have a B2B website and all our customers are approved to be on the site. No public or guest checkouts. Typically they all use credit cards. Some of the transactions are being marked as fraud. We ...
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Which event to observe for building Magento Extension for fraud detection ?

Magento Version 1.9.x Requirement I need to build an extension to alter the checkout flow. I want to send the user info ( email, name, shipping address ) , order info ( product name, quantity ) plus ...
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Fraud: Is there any way to block a specific postal code (address)?

we've been receiving quite a lot of fraudulent transactions and they're all being delivered to the same address, I was wondering if there was any way I could block customers from using a specific post ...
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Backend repeatedly hacked in version CE by changing Paypal account info. How to fix and secure?

Our site has been repeatedly hacked over the past week. This is our first Magento site and it has only been up a couple months. The hacker or bot, etc. will go in and disable the other forms of ...
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Preventing fraudulent credit card authorization attempts - carding

What are some solutions for preventing fraudulent credit card authorization attempts? Magento captcha no longer seems to do anything and attempts with several reCaptcha modules has not worked either. ...
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