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Questions tagged [footer-links]

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Remove Trailing Slash from Footer Links added via addLink

I have added several links in my layout.xml like this: <action method="addLink" translate="label title"> <label>XYZ</label> <url>xyz</url> <title>...
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How to add a second static link block in footer (Magento2)?

Currently I only have 1 static block with footer links. I would like to have a second one like in the image below (image is from magento1.9) I would also like to add a "title" to the footer link ...
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Magento 2.4.5: How to Add some new text links in the Copyright row of the Magento Blank theme Footer

I'm new and using MAGENTO 2.4.5 and a Magento blank theme. I wanted to add some new text links in the Copyright row of the Magento Blank theme Footer   How can I do that? I have tried several ways, ...
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M2 remove forward slash from footer link

I am using the following code in default.xml to edit the privacy policy URL however it is adding a trailing forward slash. <referenceBlock name="footer_links"> <block ...
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Magento 2 Footer does not update

I am working on a problem with updating the content of the footer in Magento (Adobe Commerce ver. 2.4.5-p1). I am rather new to working with Magento and appreciate any help. A few days ago, my ...
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Change Text in multilingual Magento 1 Store

How can I change footer links after language shifting in a multilingual Magento 1 Store ? I am trying to follow this links
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Setting different `footer version` from admin panel/table Magento 2

By default, I have footer version as footer_1. On looking upon the code footer.phtml , there are multiple footer version footer_2, footer_3, footer_4 How can I enable each footer from my Admin panel ...
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How to remove Sell link from footer links in Magento 2?

There are a footer link name 'Sell' is coming. I need to know their module name in magento 2. Here is the screenshot of the link on checkout pages. This link take the user to site-address/...
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How to enable or disable footer link in magento2.1 with helper function dynamically from xml based on my own config value?

I have my own contact us module in magento.I want to remove default contact us link from footer and add my own link. I have remove default contact page link and add my own link. I want that when my ...
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How to place Widgets (footer links) side by side in magento2?

I created 3 widgets, each has one static block with links for the footer. Now the "position" is kinda messed up, and i want to place each "link block" side by side. Any idea how to do that? Thanks ...
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Magento Footer display homepage

I have developed magento website in version in which footer link display in homepage only and other page footer link will hide so how can i display in another page ?
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