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Extend Magento Luma theme less

When extending Magento Luma less files in one children theme, what exactly is the name and the complete structure of the "parent" folder (mentioned at
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Magento 2: I want to clone the Media folder as well while cloning the Magento 2 GIT repository

How can I clone the Media folder while cloning the Magento 2 GIT repository?
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folder system owner is getting changed in case of checkout of var/cache and var/session folder

I have set mage: mage user for my project it's working fine but whenever I am doing checkout then every time folder owner is getting changed to root: root for only var/cache/ & var/session/ folder....
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Writeable permissions error 777 | Magento 2

I am upgrading Magento 2, and all Readiness checks are passed after giving 777 permission to pub/meda, generated folder. But during upgrade process it stops throwing error of non-writeable folder for ...
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Pub folder index file not working

Here is my website url of pub folder when I installed Magento in the server by default Magento adds two .htaccess files: one in the domain directory and ...
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What is the use of Test/Unit folder in module ? What is the purpose?

In magento 2, I see in so many modules that there are Test/Unit folder available. I know little bit about that it used for unit test purpose. But, I want to know that : What is the purpose of this ...
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Override Magento UI js file

How can I override this file on my theme? /vendor/magento/module-ui/view/frontend/web/js/view/messages.js I'm a newbie to M2
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How to know the correct path to extend in Magento?

I am new in Magento. I am having a lot of problems to achieve each step in the learning curve. I needed to add a custom shipping method. I was fallowging this tutorial:
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need the CMS path directive for a app/code module folder

i added my own module under /app/code/my/module/ , activated it and put a java script under /app/code/my/module/view/frontend/web/js/myjs/myjs.js it works so far. The javascript is called within a ...
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alias for login page as /accounts

We have a magento website on /store folder. Idea is, on root folder, index.php will have company website. /store folder will have magento folder. Idea is, should load login ...
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Magento 2 : How to Get List Image in Custom Folder

In magento 2, I have custom folder images in Namespace_Module:images/default. So I want show all image/info in this folder like Wysiwyg in
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How to move test store to new directory or domain? [duplicate]

I am messing around with a test store so I can get my settings right and theme adjusted. My plan is to move from Bigcommerce to Magento 2.0, so I want to have it all ready to go before I move and "...
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Root folder structure different depending on where you download [duplicate]

I'm brand new to Magento and I have gone straight to M2. I had some initial issues getting M2 up and running and worked through a number of different solutions. What I have noticed is that depending ...
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Magento Extension - Where to store images?

I am coding an extension for Magento 1.9. Now I need an image in my template. Where (which folder) should I store it? And how to access it with an <img>-tag?
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I have a wordpress site that I would like to add a Magento store to

I have an existing wordpress site with a magento instance in a subfolder named /shop. When I type in my address and add /shop to the domain it just routes back to the wordpress site. However when I ...
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Magento2 static-content:deploy not generating admin

When using: bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy Only the blank and luma theme will be generated but not the admin one. Does anyone know if there is a setup somewhere to specify the themes?
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How do I open a csv file in the root of my module directory?

I've been writing a rather complicated module as of late. One of the steps I need to do is pre-populate one of the models with all of the data it needs to work right. This data is slowly replaced ...
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Magento 2: Updated file not working

I want to update the class Select and its getValuesHTML() method which is saved here: module-catalog/Block/Product/View/Options/Type/Select.php I have made a copy of this file and placed it in my ...
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Add a group of attributes to all products

I created a new folder of attributes to a product category, and its working fine. There is a way to add this folder of attributes to all products categories automatically? Or should i add one by one?
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Can we IP protect the Magento Cron?

Is it ideal to IP protect the Magento cron.php? instead of folder protecting it (as referred in the because we want to harden ...
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Second website on another domain's folder

Is this possible: Main Website A: Website B: We need a second website to work on different domain's sub folder. Both sites are on the same server. I ...
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File and folder structure to download [duplicate]

I am new in Magento. Which files and folders should exclude while downloading a running Magento site to install in localhost ??
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magento subfolder protect apache

I have some subfolders in my Magento DocumentRoot like /vendor/ and /media/ this folders are not protected and are reachable from the web for everyone. Now I want to protect these folders through ...
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_MACOSX folder in Magento directory

An old webshop of ours has a _MACOSX folder in its directory. When I backup the webshop it takes a very long time to backup _MACOSX folder. Probally because it is a whole copy of the files in the ...
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No Inode space!; How to delete Magento sessions folder's contents?

Hopefully, someone can help me, A Magento website I'm managing keeps going down, I've determined it to be the fact that it has used up all of the Inode space on the server. The output to df -i is ...
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Change folder structure

I have a custom module in which i want to change folder to change default folder structure for image upload..i want to upload and fetch images from newly created folder for e.g "r->...
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How do I stop Folder Structure from being visible in browser (directory listing)?

I have the following problem: In the browser it is possible to access the folder structure of skin/frontend/.... folders and subfolders. The browser shows an index of the respective folder with all ...
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Cleaning up Magento installation: Which files & folders can be deleted?

I want to make some space on disk and clean What file & folders are safe to delete? I found /media/import/ files are safe to delete Deleting files and folder effect performance too? Is it ...
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