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Code Sniffer Fails

I am trying to run code sniffing for one of my module and it is giving the below error. **Class 'ArrayObject' is restricted in /usr/share/eqp/PhpCodeSnifferTool/tmp/work/DataObject.php. Suggested ...
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css file can not be read?

I am trying to deploy a magento2.4.4 cloud staging environment and getting the below error. I am not sure how to troubleshoot this. The contents from the "/app/pub/static/adminhtml/Magento/base/...
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Installation & Varnish Test Results - Failed in 7.4 & 8.1 in magento marketplace

Installation & Varnish Test Results - Failed in 7.4 & 8.1 when automation testing in marketplace
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In InstallCommand.php line 274: Parameter validation failed

I have problem installing magento 2.4.2 It shows me an error (In InstallCommand.php line 274:Parameter validation failed ) Help me Thanks php bin/magento setup:install --base-url=
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Magento 1.9 recaptcha validation failed error

We have a module which enables reaptcha.I have it running on my magento 1.9. The form works fine generated form the module. but some of the customer says they get "RECAPTCHA VALIDATION FAILED&...
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