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Does area emulation also influence DI / plugins?

We are reading the Magento configurable configuration inside an API call: private function getSpConfig($product) { if ($product->getTypeId() != 'configurable') { return ...
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Setup Magento2 Docker Config Apple Silicon M1

is there any way to set up a docker compatible environment for Apple M1? Unfortunately Warden doesn't support the new ARM chips for now. are there any viable alternatives to having a working ...
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How to install packages php7.2-hash php7.2-openssl php7.2-pdo_mysql if they are not found by apt

How to install packages php7.2-hash php7.2-openssl php7.2-pdo_mysql if they are not found by apt. php7.2-hash php7.2-openssl php7.2-pdo_mysql root@sample:~# apt install php7.2-hash Reading package ...
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taxClassId are not saved with the rest of the product

I'm trying to update some attributes of my product by a cron to avoid common mistakes. The code causing me trouble is executed in a loop: foreach ($storesIds as $storeId) { $this->...
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Best practice to set default store : StoreManager or Emulation?

Context : I'm coding a lot of CLI commands and I noticed most of the time if I don't set what store I'm operating on, it will counter-intuitively be set to the first non-global store. Since more ...
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main.ERROR: Environment emulation nesting is not allowed. [] []

I got an error in system.log main.ERROR: Environment emulation nesting is not allowed. [] [] Why this came and how to fix this?
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1 vote
3 answers

How to setup magento 2.1 from existing project

I have an existing project from my personal project repository. What I would like to do is clone this repository and setup the environment, and this is what I have done : Installing php 7.0 and all ...
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magento 2 development environment operating system

I am using Window OS for magento 2 development. Is it better to switch to ubuntu? Is development fast in unbuntu? Thanks
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Convert environment emulation v.1.9 to v.2

How to rewrite below code to fix version 2.0 $initialEnvironmentInfo = $appEmulation->startEnvironmentEmulation($storeId); //Dealing with uninitialized translator! Mage::app()->getTranslator()-...
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Emulating a different user role

Is it possible to emulate a different user role in code? I'm wondering if it is possible to do something similar to Mage_Sales_Model_Order::sendNewOrderEmail() where a different store is emulated i.e....
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4 answers

Magento 2 local development environment

I have always used MAMP PRO to configure my Magento sites for local dev, but with Magento 2 requiring mysql 5.6, I haven't had much luck setting up site successfully on local server with I'...
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What is App Emulation In magento

I want to know what is app emulation in magento... I saw its forcefully set store id store...but why this is use in magento.. I use this in my project..but i want to know Detail about App ...
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Would your recommend Magento CE for installing on Windows 8.1 OS

I have laptop with Windows 8.1 (64 bit) running. Now I want to develop an e-commerce website for my new start-up which is very small. Whether I can install Magento CE on my laptop with Windows 8.1 (64 ...
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Magento Development Setup

this question is directed towards setting up the development environment. I have some specific requirements: I want to be able to use my solution under Linux, Windows and Mac OS, since people of our ...
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Meaning of EnvironmentEmulation

Can anyone tell me the exact meaning of EnvironmentEmulation? One usecase can be found in Mage_ProductAlert_Model_Email $initialEnvironmentInfo = $appEmulation->startEnvironmentEmulation($storeId)...
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