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how to solved table catalog_product_entiry issue : M2

I found there is issue with row_id and entity_id in this catalog_product_entity. I'm not able to assign product to category, it gives this error: Something went wrong while saving the category....
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How to set input renderer on attribute for custom entity?

I'm trying to use an input renderer for a text attribute in my custom entity, however it doesn't seem to be working. I'm creating my ambassador entity in my setup file like this: <?php /* @var $...
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Dropdown custom table

I know that it is possible to create dropdowns using the EAV strategy used in Magento, yet I was not able find any information over creating a dropdown in an entity without using EAV. Does someone ...
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Use ratings and reviews with custom eav entity

I'm looking for a way of being able to use Reviews and Ratings with a custom eav entity. Without creating a custom table. Any ideas to put point me in the write direction ?
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How to create entities related to themselves, magento 1.9

I sent this question some days ago: "I'm using the module Ultimate Module Creator to create new entities and relate them to products, categories and between them. But I don't know how to relate the ...
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How to add new customer attribute

I want to add a new attribute for the customers: continent. First of all, I have created a new module for this where I'm inserting this new attribute: <?php $this->addAttribute('customer', '...
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Export Products Error - Entity is unknown

I tried to export my products with images but i am getting the error "Entity is unknown" occurs. Someone knows how to export manually or how to solve this?
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Error on foreign key

I have added a product_id column in my table vaibhav_customtabs_product_entity. Now I am trying to add foreign key on product_id from catalog_product_entity->entity_id column, but it is throwing error....
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