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Problem with shipping confirmation email

I have this very strange problem regarding the sending of the shipping confirmation email. The cron task sales_send_order_shipment_emails kept failing, so I looked at the logs and I have this: [2020-...
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Which emails are send by schedule?

I'm having some emails been sent by my Magento 2, and others not, I'm suspecting that the Magento has sent just the transactional emails sent immediately, not the emails by cron schedule, even with my ...
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Shipment Email not send automatically after creating a new shipment

In Magento2.3 - My site cannot be send shipment email automatically after creating a new shipment. But it can send order email successfully when a new order is created. Does anyone know. How to fix ...
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magento2 send email programmatically without template

I want to send custom email programmatically without any template. In magento 1, I used below script to do same thing. $mail = Mage::getModel('core/email'); $mail->setToName('xxx'); $mail->...
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Send all emails with cron/queue

I'm using magento and I've read that from magento 1.9.1 supposedly all emails were going to be queued, however only the order/invoice/order-update emails appear affected. I can't find an exact ...
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Unable to send and receive emails in magento 2

I have configured cronjob here is the code in crontab */3 * * * * /usr/bin/php-7.1 /var/www/html/bin/magento cron:run 2>&1 | grep -v "Ran jobs by schedule" >> /var/www/html/var/log/...
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Magento 1.9, Order email found in core_email_queue, but not sent out

I have Magento 1.9 website, and the order emails have always been working. But about just a few days a ago I noticed that the order confirmation emails are not sent out to customers. I have set ...
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AOE Scheduler not showing on front-end

I have managed to install the AOE Scheduler through ftp, although when I go to Scheduler under System it is completely blank. I have also cleared all the caches but that did not work either. Can ...
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Emails not being sent in Magento - CRON Running

Im having an issue on my site where no emails are being sent. Everything has been working fine and a few days ago emails stopped being sent. Cron looks to be fine and running and being successful ...
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Unable to reinstall Aoe Scheduler [closed]

Yesterday I have Uploaded files of Aoe scheduler (which I had downloaded from GitHub) through FTP on my project. But when I setup schedules from admin, it wasn't working. I got error in report files ...
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Magento 2 send e-mail (order) notification to customer without cron

I need to limit some of the magento 2 cron job, one of them is send an email to customer: can i make this cron job not running on cron?
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exception 'Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Exception' error in exception.log file

I am trying to send Abandoned cart emails, but emails are not delivering at the scheduled time. even not sending after scheduled time. cron job is working fine & other emails like welcome , ...
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Execute script after 30 minutes

I need to check the status of an order 30 minutes after it is placed, and send an email accordingly. I tried running magento cron but it executes every 30 minutes In config.xml : <crontab> ...
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Magento 2 timing of transactional emails sent

By default it takes around 10-15 minutes from what I can tell to receive a transactional email. The email cron on the server is set to every minute. How / Where in Magento 2 (2.0.7) can I shorten ...
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Magento is not sending newsletter due to cron job

I can't send newsletter because of cron job is not taking correct scheduled time in cron log Aoe_schedular given error like No heartbeat task found. Check if cron is configured correctly My ...
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Magento keeps sending emails from a giftcard module

We bought and installed a gift card module from Magestore and when I was testing it on our staging website I noticed that it kept sending emails every two hours for the gift card. How can I stop ...
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Order Emails Marked as sent but not received

Copied the below question from another forum. Has anybody been able to solve this? My cron is set up and is working. Emails marked as sent in back end but is being queued in core_email_queue. Spent 7 ...
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Transactional Emails are instant OR they are based on cron file?

I have a magento website setup and development is also almost completed, but i am bit confused about transactional emails. If a customer buy something from my webiste, does magento sends the email on ...
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In Magento 1.9, why are order emails send through the queue, while Invoice emails are sent directly?

In Magento 1.9, why are order emails send through the queue, while Invoice emails are sent directly? I checked the code for Order and Invoice, and the order-sendNewOrderEmail uses the queue, while ...
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CRON (AoE Scheduler) and Magento v. not sending emails [closed]

CRON is working fine according to the Scheduler and all mails were working fine as of monday. Yesterday I noticed that no emails were going out. Is the normal return value from ...
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magento not sending any emails

I have checked if the server configuration is correct using php script the server is able to send email. cron AOE scheduler is installed and it does not show any errors. Generate Schedules Every 15 ...
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Another Magento 1.9.1 Cron-E-Mail-Issue [closed]

There have been different threads upon similar issues, that sorrily couldn’t help me further.The situation: Magento 1.9.1 isn’t processing sales e-mails, although I arranged crontab to be executed ...
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AOE Scheduler on

I am having issues with AOE Scheduler on Magento After scheduling tasks through the extension, it does not seem to executive them at all. However if I directly run the task using "Run Now", ...
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Magento not sending emails

I have a problem with the system sending Magento . Do not want to send e -mail order confirmation (e- mails about the account is sent ) . When you refresh a cron job in my web browser , these emails ...
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