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Magento Back in stock alert emails are shown as sent on the backend but are not being received

I am using Magento and I am having trouble with back in stock alert emails. The basis of the problem is that all indicators on the backend say that the emails are being sent but they are ...
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Magento 2 : pending registration activation email - reminder mail module/extension

Is there any free module or extension in magento 2 which allows to configure and send the email as a reminder email,if user have not activated their account by the user registration activation link ...
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How to Implement Recurring Order Remainder Notification for Customer?

How can I create module like monthly regular customer received notification like, your monthly order is ready, get it. How can I do this for my customer.
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Email Reminders - Second abandonned cart

I have a question about a specific case with Adobe Commerce reminder email feature. I created a reminder rule that works well and send email reminder after a certain time the cart is abandoned. But ...
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No Email Send for Password Reminder After Reset Password in Magento1.9.2.4?

My All emails are being sent except one, which is a reminder mail after reset Password. Suggest what can I do achieve this.
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How to send an email to customers who is having an item in their wishlist

Is there a way to send a reminder email to customers who has added items to their wishlist and forgot.
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Abandoned cart emails are not sending

looking for some advanced help here. I am working with abandoned cart emails and I can not get the emails to send on command (by using the admin>run now or via command line: "php cron.php" ...
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How can i configure, Payment pending order remainder auto-mail to customer

In my site have option cash on delivery and Bank deposit, if customer placed order by cod or Bank Deposit, How can i remember to customer if order not completed with in 2 days.
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Custom Extension for Email Reminder

I have developed Magento website version Now i want to create custom extension for email reminder which provide configure two field. Hours before email is sent Email address(es) to send ...
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