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Could not validate a connection to Elasticsearch in magento 2

I am using Magento 2.4.5 and migrate to ubuntu 20.0.4 server. Installed elastic search but whenever run the command "php bin/magento setup:upgrade" getting following error Could not validate ...
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Magento2.4 How to find storage left on the disk for elastic search

I am facing the following issue on elastic search. TOO_MANY_REQUESTS/12/disk usage exceeded flood-stage watermark, index has read-only-allow-delete block I tried “cluster.routing.allocation.disk....
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Search by SKU in Magento not working properly

Over 3000 of our SKUs contain special characters such as "-", "/", "&". The problem is when we try to search regular SKU (e.g. ABC123) on the front end it returns the ...
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Getting error Could not validate a connection to Elasticsearch. No alive nodes found in your cluster with docker

I am trying to upgrade my magento 2.3.5 to 2.4.4 and seting up magento in docker I have installed elasticsearch as well using docker via docker-compose.yml and able to access it with elasticsearch:...
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