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Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14

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Magento FPC with Redis - Header not punched out

Redis: 2.8.19 I have punched a hole in the header and FPC is enabled. Everything works great with file based cache. However as soon as I switch to Redis as cache backend, the header on cart and ...
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Using QTY in Rule-Based Product Relations

Using Magento EE 1.14 and would like to be able to use the inventory quantity for rule-based product relations (related, upsell, cross sell). However, I don't see a way to make the quantity available ...
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Magento1 change-logs cleanup

I've end up having the following query: SELECT entity_id, count(version_id) as number_of_versions, max(version_id) as max_version FROM catalog_product_flat_cl GROUP BY entity_id ORDER BY ...
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Uninstalled module still populating in cron_schedule table

I've uninstalled an extension but it's cron jobs keep repopulating in the cron_schedule table. The steps I have taken are.. disable magento cron via crontab -e -u apache Uninstalled the module using ...
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Why is dispatchEvent taking so long to execute and how can I improve the performance?

my company is experimenting with using mongoDB to store our categories and products. We've gotten the mongogento extension set up and working, but we noticed that performance is extremely poor when ...
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magento upgrade not listing latest available upgrade in connect manager

I want to upgrade my magento version. I am using Magento Enterprise editon 1.12 When I goto connect manager and use "Check for upgrade". No upgrade is listed. But Magento 1.14 is latest version and ...
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Magento EE Create Custom Redirect for old URL

I have a question regarding URL redirects on product records in Magento Enterprise Edition I am noticing that URL redirects are not being created when a product's URL key is changed, even ...
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Add Configurable Product to Wish List

When a user clicks "Add to Wishlist" on a product that uses swatching, it saves the configurable product ID, not the simple product id. How can I get it to save the simple product id in the wish list ...
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Magento Enterprise Associated Products

Magento (Enterprise 1.14) we have a configurable product that, when you check in the back end, is showing only 3 associated products. However, when you view the product on the frontend, there are 20+ ...
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add a path to a phtml file -- customise url

Anyone know how i can customise the path for a module so i can have a few paths elements? I have a module. in the modules xml i have something like <frontend> <routers> <...
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Magento and recommended nginx version

Magento mentions here that the system requirements for nginx is version 1.7.x. But I'm wondering what is the recommended version? Is there a reason I should just update to 1.7 and not go to 1.8, 1.9, ...
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Creating Widget via CMS > Widget - Widget only renders on certain block references

I am digging through my XML layouts for references to widgets and have found app/design/frontend/enterprise/default/layout/widget.xml (this is the parent of my layout). Everything within were ...
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What's the right way to add assets to layout XMLs in CE 1.9 and EE 1.14?

I want to add another css file in the header on every page. In earlier versions, I would have Copied app/design/frontend/base/default/layouts/page.xml to app/design/frontend/my_package/my_theme/...
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Validate Shopping cart rule with custom from and to date EE 1.14

I have created custom from and to dates to validate the shopping cart rule coupons. For this I have overridden the Mage_SalesRule_Model_Mysql4_Rule_Collection setValidationFilter(). protected ...
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