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Cant add product to cart

When I try to add a product for first time, using incognito tab and Full Page Cache, I get redirected to an empty cart. Then, if I return the page and add the product again, or if I I select another ...
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Currency not change in home page, the rest of website works fine

My store handle many currencies, and if I change the currency, it works in all pages, but in homepage. I'm using FPC, but in all pages, currency block is refreshed, but in homepage don't. I have ...
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Session validation failure in Magento 1 EE v 1.14.3.x (and CE 1.9.3.x)

I'm looking after a Magento shop with 400-500 visitors and 40-50 orders per day. Recently system was upgraded from Magento EE to Magento EE and I noticed some strange exceptions in ...
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Issue on editing "Manage Label / Options" on version

Is there any body having issues when editing attributes labels in a multi store installation? I believe that method call array_fill in: \Mage_Adminhtml_Catalog_Product_AttributeController::...
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