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Products disapearing from a category but reappear after reindex/clear cache

I have a Magento 1.14.2.` store with about 1500 products in about 50 categories and sub-categories. A small number of products (2 dozen?) in a few particular categories regularly "disappear" every ...
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Magento not using URL rewrites in product display or for incoming links

All the links on my Magento 1.14.2 site are showing up as (literally): ".../catalog/product/view/id/1234/s/my-really-cool-product" instead of ".../my-really-cool-product" Reindexing seems to build ...
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1 answer

how to include right protocol on dynamic pages

Website can be accessed through http and https, we have http for the youtube videos as follow: <iframe src=";autohide=1&amp;rel=0&...
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Magento Cache broke the site

I got an issue with the site. I started getting the errors like: File does not exist: /mage/translate.js File does not exist: /mage/cookies.js client denied by server configuration: /lib/ccard....
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