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Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1

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Adding Product Image/Gallery Without Loading the Whole Product

Is there a way to add images to a product without loading the whole product? updateAttributes() is definitely fast when updating a product but when adding an image to a product, this function is ...
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Product with the url_key attribute already exists when update product image using API

I want to update product image label for specific store view using API v1. First, I've created product $res = $client->call($session, 'catalog_product.create', array( 'downloadable', 47, '...
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Split Credit Card Payments for Single Order

Does anyone know of a pre-made module that can take the total cost of an order and split it in the checkout process between multiple credit cards being processed by the same payment method? If not ...
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Custom Bundle Pricing In Admin Order

We used to have code that allowed us to add a custom price to a bundle. As of an upgrade to that code no longer works. To get started we started tinkering with the core code to enable the ...
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Which EE and CE versions need the SUPEE-3762 patch to prevent DOS attack?

It has been recently discovered that the SUPEE-3762 patch, released in August 2014 "accidently" fixed a Denial of Service exploit (see: ...
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Disable Full Page Cache Only For CMS Pages

For some reason I want to disable Full Page Cache for CMS pages including Home Page. I have created my custom module for this but some reason it is not working. config.xml <?xml version="1.0"?&...
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Saving a product on Admin clears the whole FPC in Magento EE

I knew this was a problem on the previous versions on Magento EE (e.g. 1.12), but still, Magento EE clears the whole Full Page Cache when saving any product (even a disabled one) from Admin? ...
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Solr Search in EE - Search Configurable product by child SKU

I am using EE-1.14.1 with Solr search enabled, and need to set it up so that users can search for the SKU of a simple product, and get shown the configurable product that it is associated with. ...
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Enterprise 1.14.1 Swatches causing 35 sec plus load time on category pages

We have implemented the new inbuilt Swatches feature in our latest new site build When we enable the swatches on category pages the page load time goes from 2 seconds to 38 + seconds. I was wondering ...
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Class 'Mage' not found and include(): Failed opening 'Mage.php' error on Magento

We have some many error lines on httpd error log, about 10-15 errors for every day, on different time: PHP Warning: include(Mage.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/...
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