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Why is my update data running on install?

I tested a fresh install of my extension, but the data-upgrade script is running. It should only run on upgrade, correct? Update data path: magento/app/code/community/Example/Ex/data/ex_setup/data-...
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Products imported with custom script "disappear" from the category listing

I've run into an interesting situation problem with Magento EE 1.13.1 We have a custom module to sync product data between Magento and an external ERP system. Most of the time it works without an ...
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Product Update with Url_Key & Store_Id Attribute Already Exists error in csv import with magento EE [closed]

When i am update product description in my magento enterprise edition, i get the url_key & store_id already exists error in csv import.
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cataloginventory_stock_item_save_commit_after event fired only once when place order? (CLOSED)

I have observer the stock item when order placed: <global> <events> ... <cataloginventory_stock_item_save_commit_after> <observers> ...
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Magento Enterprise: catalog_product_attribute not reindexed on product save

I'm using Magento ee and discovering the next problem: I have some of the attributes used in layered navigation - color and size. When I add a new product (simple one) and save it - product ...
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URL Redirect does not appear in catalog [closed]

i've created a url redirect for when the user types womens/clothing/activate/[ITEM] they can get catalog/product/view/id/[ITEMID]/category/[CATID] when i use my new url redirect it works fine however ...
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How to Auto-generate the Product URL key During Import

We are importing products using a PHP script using AvS_FastSimpleImport which is an extension of Mage_ImportExport. The CSV files / array do not contain the field url_key. So currently, this value ...
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