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Magento 2.4 - Dropshipping module help

I am attempting to work on a module that will send an email to several different dropshippers when an order is placed. I am not getting errors after a few tweeks. although. i'm not receiving any ...
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Shipping costs per vendor (looking for extension)

We are employing drop shipping for the product of our Magento 2 instance, but we need to have separate shipping costs for each vendor that sends the product to the customer on their own. So if Vendor ...
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How to update discontinued items from vendor in magento2

we update stock from vendor, when a product is out of stock or discontinued, they are not getting update. the feed to qty=0 else just remove them from the feed and I cannot know which items they are ...
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how i can get product id on cj dropshipping?

I would like to know how to get the product id on CJ dropshipping. I am having difficulty understanding what the product id number is that I have to import into my dropshipping store via ...
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Magento Drop Ship Charges

When a customer chooses to order a product and ship it directly to the customer or multiple customers - we charge a drop ship fee of £3 per pack/deliver Can this be done through magento?
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Suggestion for a custom drop ship scenario

I'm working with a client to build a store with a somewhat unique dropship style set up: We will keep some stock at a warehouse which is our buffer stock level. When a shopper purchases item(s), an ...
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Using 2 Vendors and Splitting Shipments

We are currently connected to our vendor/warehouse using ShipStation. We need to also connect to a totally different vendor/warehouse using Shipworks. How do we integrate both and also have Magento ...
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How add Cart price rules on my conditions

you can help me settings cart rules on my conditions: When the amount in the cart reaches a certain value, then 1 .... 000 included free shipping. because i not know how can right now add rules on ...
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How to achieve reverse dropship requirement in magento? [closed]

I have dropship requirement like this. For Example "ABC" is my website. ABC says that to all clients or customers : 1.) You get an order from your website. 2.) Go to and sign in. Wholesale ...
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Dropshipping partner invoices

We have a magento webshop. Sometimes another shop orders an item and wants us to deliver it to the client. The client orders from the partner's website (not magento - doesn't have a connector to our ...
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