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What does the asterisk mean for JSDoc @return {*}

I want to know what the asterisk means for JSDoc @return {*} `/** * @return {*} */ getData = function () { var data = storage.get(cacheKey)(); if ($.isEmptyObject(...
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Magento 2 -- 2.3.1 "Each method must have a doc block. See Magento\Eav\Api\AttributeSetRepositoryInterface::getList()"

We are installing several modules and receiving the message Each method must have a doc block. See Magento\Eav\Api\AttributeSetRepositoryInterface::getList() after the command php bin/magento setup:...
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PHPDoc hints for magic methods

I have grown accustomed to the better PHPDoc coverage of Magento 2, so now it bothers me when the magic getters and setters are highlighted in red in my PhpStorm project files. In classes that I ...
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Magento 2 convert object to array

I am trying to convert a \Magento\Sales\Api\Data\OrderInterface object to an array using \Magento\Framework\Api\ExtensibleDataObjectConverter. I think it is not relevant here but I am using Magento CE ...
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