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Post 6788 Variables Permissions issue, allowed variable isn't working in block

I've added "design/header/logo_src" to allowed permissions, however in a static block I've made the following call and I'm getting the skin url but not the config path: src="{{skin url="" }}{{config ...
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White listed static block is not displaying in home page

After upgarding to the {{block type="cms/block" block_id="home-news-text" template="cms/content.phtml"}} in home page is not displaying the content of the block. ...
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Tables permission_block and permission_variable did not get created after SUPEE-6788

I installed the patch SUPEE-6788 on my local website and everything went fine. I uploaded all modified files to our production website but tables permission_block and permission_variable did not get ...
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APPSEC-1057 How to add variables or blocks to the white list tables

APPSEC-1057 (part of SUPEE-6788) states Magento now includes a whitelist of allowed blocks or directives. If a module or anyone uses variables like {{config path=”web/unsecure/base_url”}} and {{...
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