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Define external objects in the constructor in protected variables

I don't think it is a pattern (if you have indicated it to me), but simply a way to improve the readability of the local classes, since Magento 1 does not have a management of the DI. The approach is ...
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What is difference between these models and design patterns used in Magento?

Yes, I know this question has many answers in google, but please clear my confusion. What is the difference between Repository and Factory, and when should We use a Repository vs a Factory in Magento ...
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Code Pattern to Define and Use Javscript Callbacks / Hooks

We are using a third party module, that updates prices via AJAX on product / category pages. No we have to react on this update, to update some custom pricing logic. Of course we do not want to patch ...
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How many design patterns does Magento Have?

How many design patterns does Magento 2 have?
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Are collections history in Magento 2?

I know that a lot of code that is currently in Magento 2 (2.1.2) is more or less ported from Magento 1 and that a lot of code will be substituted by an equivalent in the future. In this aspect, I'm ...
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In Magento model do we have business logic or a controller?

I have read so many documentation about MVC. But I am still confused regarding the business logic in Magento. Can you please help me to explain business login in Magento with an example ?
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What is the difference between Mage::getSingleton() and Mage::getModel() in Magento [duplicate]

Mage::getSingleton() always finds for an existing object if not then create that a new object but Mage::getModel() always creates a new object.
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Where to place constants and/or module specific configuration

I have a module that needs smtp authentication information (host, email, method, password, port). I don't want to just hard code this. Where can I put this information where it will have some ...
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Magento2 - Which namespaces to be used inside a class

This might be a novice question, but as when a developer starts to learn Magento2,how do i figure out which all namespaces must be used inside a Model,Block,Plugin or matter of fact any custom class ...
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Magento 2: Creating Data Objects with Immutable State?

Dovetailing off a comment in another Magento 2 If you need to share some calculated value, put the calculation behavior to separate object and call it from blocks that require that value. Registry ...
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Magento2 factory pattern advantages over Magento 1

Magento 2 is using factory classes for non-injectables. For example product class: ProductFactory For example customer class: CustomerFactory I don’t understand what is the type of factory pattern ...
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