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How to convert Adobe XD design to Magento 2 Custom Theme?

I have Adobe XD Design, how to apply as a custom theme, my parent theme Default, how to apply the files. I am using Magento Enterprise Edition. Note: Any basic docs welcome
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How 'Add Design Change' with magento shell script?

I want add new theme with magento shell script. I think it's possible with direct access to MySQL 'design_change' table. But I don't know how to do it. Any ideas?
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How to Design Theme From Blank Html In magento

I want to create theme from Blank Html in magento. like should i copy base theme and change its content to my custom html... I add custom css and js in page.xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <!-- /...
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Base - Default - Rwd

In my App folder -> /public_html/app/design/frontend, there are 3 folders, base, default, rwd. Can someone give me help on what these folders are for? I know RWD stands for Responsive Web Design, ...
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making a custom installable theme package

I have completed developing my custom theme in magento and now I want to make it installable or I want to package my design like other magento themes so that I can just put it in htdocs and go through ...
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Get Current Package Name

Before saying this post is a duplicate please read. I have a real head scratcher for you. I am trying to get the current package name being used. In a clean install with 1.9, the current package ...
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Why isn't there a "base" design package in adminhtml?

Why isn't there a /design/adminhtml/base and /skin/adminhtml/base? Sine CE 1.4 and EE 1.8 the frontend section uses /design/base now instead of /design/default as the final fallback area. It seems ...
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