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What permissions schema should I use when deploying Magento securely?

We run what I feel is pretty standard Magento setup: Deployed via rsync (it should also be deployable with git pull and scp/SFTP for simpler server configurations and to make developers' lives easier....
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Using Upgrade files in Magento 1.7

In our project 04 different developers have each own environments (Dev, Prod) in Localhost. And we have also 02 Environments in Server (Dev + Prod). My question is: 1- When 02 developers work in the ...
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Binary logs in Magento 1.7

We are a team working with Magento 1.7. In order to manage deployment between different developer working with the same database of Magento. We suggest to use binary logs. Each developer will possess ...
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The way to renovate Mage site (live -> develop -> live)

we have some live sites since Mage 1.4 and are now @ 1.7 We want to upgrade/renovate the site by adding new modules, removing old, and changing the theme + CSS. Now I have always been wondering what ...
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What is the best deploy strategy?

Setting up a Magento store is not only a matter of developing self-installable extensions but requires also a lot of "manual entry" operations such as creating end editing attributes, categories, ...
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