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Reorder Top Links

I have been stuck on this task all day. I am hoping someone has some insight or is this a bug? I have tried a few different approaches and nothing seems to actually work. This is how it currently ...
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Re-position just the welcome message

I've been looking and looking and I can't seem to find the be all end ll to move this welcome message snippet. I've looked around and found this question and answer to be helpful but not exactly ...
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Use of ifconfig tag in layout xml?

What is the use of ifconfig tag inside the block tag in a layout xml file? What purpose does it serve?
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<referenceBlock name="header.container" remove="true" /> removes minicart functionality

I've added <referenceBlock name="header.container" remove="true" /> to my themes default.xml and instead has been replaced with: <referenceContainer name="page....
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store logo in not loading

I am overwriting my theme logo in my child theme with the default.xml file but the logo is not loading in the storefront. This is my default.xml code: <referenceBlock name="logo"> <...
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Magento 2 Add custom class before "main.content" excluding Home Page

I am looking for a solution to add a custom class before "main.content" for all pages remaining home page. Currently, I am doing below code <referenceContainer name="page.wrapper"> &...
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