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User Error: DDL statements are not allowed in transactions Magento 2.2.6

I want to achieve following functionality: Whenever user tries to insert new data, i want to remove all old data from my custom table and insert new data. For this, i want to use truncateTable() ...
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What is the DDL cache, and what is it used for?

I never found any resource what the DDL cache is used for, and what kind of data it contains. Also it always worked for me, so I had no need to look into this yet.
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How to set CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as a default value in Magento DDL

I am updating my table structure and everything work good, but default value for column created_at is 0000-00-00 00:00:00 again and again. I want it to be equal to current time (CURRENT_TIMESTAMP); ...
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What `null` size means in Framework/DB/Ddl/Table.php?

I refer to this file, function addColumn I need to confirm whether I have understood correctly or not the null value of field size. When I set size null , does this mean that the index's size will be ...
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Magento 2: Any Difference between TYPE_NUMERIC and TYPE_DECIMAL?

In Magento 2's migration/data-definition-language, there are two column type constants #File: vendor/magento/framework/DB/Ddl/Table.php const TYPE_NUMERIC = 'numeric'; const TYPE_DECIMAL = 'decimal';...
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