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Formatting Date and Time with Timezone Abbreviation

I have overridden the formatDateTime function of the \Magento\Framework\Stdlib\DateTime\Timezone class in Magento 2 to display the timezone abbreviation along with the formatted date. However, I ...
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How to change Expire Date format in admin form magento 2

how can i change Expire Date format from mm/dd/yy to dd/mm/yy in product form admin panel
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convert any date into dateTimestamp in order to compare it

I’m trying to compare the current date timestamp with product special price end date. to get current date I use : $currentDate = Mage::getModel('core/date')->timestamp(time()); and for ...
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Magento 2 Change date format DD/MM/YY in all date fields ( my orders and other pages )

My magento2 site date format is no like a MM/DD/YY format but I want to change DD/MM/YY format in my orders page and all other date fields. Please help me I tried and changed configuration settings ...
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Magento 2: How to change the Date format in frontend?

I need to display the date format as "d.m.Y" in front end and Email templates, Is there any solution to complete this requirement?
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Date issue on dynamic generated fields magento2

Invalid date issue on dynamic generated fields. Having multiple date filed in tier price. On deleting the rows from tier price , other rows from and to date value showing weird invalid date like "12/...
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Change date format from Calendar Widget magento 2.2.1

I want to change the date format of admin grid filters to "dd/mm/yy" format, but I could not make it work, I try this solution unsuccessful, the xml files are different in 2.2.1 magento version. I ...
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How to change date format for Order Invoices In Magento 2

I want to change the date format for admin in Sales->Order(view order)->Invoices tab in 24H format I tried to find how this grid is rendered and i found(with template path hinth) that this table is ...
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Localized dutch date format

I'm using "AW blog" in Magento On the homepage I've got the recently added blogs with the date, the date is now showing: 29 May 2017. How can I change that into Dutch like; 29 Mei 2017? I've ...
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Magento 2 : How to change default date format every where in magento?

I want to change the default date format like mm/dd/yy to dd/mm/yy for en_us locale in admin as well as front-end. Don't want to change the locale for that.
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