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how to create a custom field and save in custom tab in order view magento 2

I want to create a custom field in the custom tab in order view the below comments and save the value and also add in user role permission only admin see and add the value here Magento 2
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How to link directly to custom customer tab in admin

I've created a custom tab that displays some information in the Customer Admin section. I'm just curious if there's a way to link directly to this tab so it's opened on page load. I don't want it the ...
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Magento 2.3 Customer My Account Custom Tab

I am trying to create a custom tab in Customer my account area and adding a link in the left bar to it, have followed the code structure similar to this article:
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How to save the custom tab data in the database

I am working on magento 2.4 and I added a custom tab in the edit product form in the admin panel. I want to save the data of my custom tab form. I am new to Magento and finding it hard to cop up with ...
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Magento 2 add custom tab in customer edit section and save data

I am able to add custom tab customer edit section when they click on it i am showing one form by using protected function _prepareForm() { this function form is showing but when i change data in that ...
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