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Magento 2 Invoice Emails: Tax row alignment in subtotals

So I wanted to change the layout of my invoice emails, especially order totals. I wanted labels to align right. I copied my totals.phtml file in my theme and added my styling. <?php /** * ...
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Magento 2 : Send custom credit memo email

Here is the scenario - I have credit memo id's, I need to check in those id's if credit memo is created from same order (if credit memo created for same order, then i need to merge those credit memo ...
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Magento 2.3.4 Customer registration email is not sent customer

In Magento 2.3.4 customer registration, forgot password emails are not working. Admin configurations are done. Store > Configurations > Customer > Customer Configurations > Customer New Account ...
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Get email templates defined in admin panel in custom module

I'm writing a module that sends some emails to customers. Right now it works just fine with the email template defined in my code. Thing is I want other non-developer users to be able to access that ...
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How to get customer id using email-id without using objectManager in Magento 2.2.5

I have a customer-email on custom controller & want to get customer-id without using objectManager. how can I get? Currently, I'm getting using objectManger & here is the controller code:- ...
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Default Transactional Emails containing Var_Grid

In the default transactional emails admin panel there is a function within an email called var_grid. It populates with details like "Wishlist Contents" and such. However the format is a bit archaic ...
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Magento 2 after x days of order place , need to send new email to the customers

Magento 2 - How can I send new mail to customer, if any order has been placed by banktransfer and more that 7 days since order placed. I need to send mail using Crons. This is my code: <?php ...
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Magento 2 - All sales emails to same address (no emails to customer)?

When sending order confirmations, I wish to have them all go to a specified email address and disable them going to the customer. Please note, this is for internal use, where everything is free and ...
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How to create order programmatically with customer email in magento 1.9

I want to place order with customer email id in magento 1.9 For this i need a script means i want to do it programmatically in php Please help asap
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AOE Scheduler not showing on front-end

I have managed to install the AOE Scheduler through ftp, although when I go to Scheduler under System it is completely blank. I have also cleared all the caches but that did not work either. Can ...
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Magento emails not working error log 403

All emails in my Magento shop: invoice , new registration , contact us ECT. do not work. I receive error log 403. I haven't made any changes on the site. Can the reason be in the cPanel?
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