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Magento2 addFieldToFilter, Need 'and' and 'Or' in sql

I need magento sql collection. Query need like that. select * from custom_table where customer_id=xx or (customer_group=1 and custom_field=1) I can add or operator like below select * from ...
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How to get Customer collection that has subscribed to newsletter in Magento 2

I want to retrieve the customer collection that has subscribed to the newsletter, i see this solution but this one is for Magento 1.9 , how can i achieve this in Magento 2?
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Magento2: How to get online customer collection list?

I want to get online or logged In customer collection list.
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Generate a list in Magento Admin of customers that have a wishlist?

I need a way to get a list of customers that have a wishlist. Thanks in advanced.
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How can I get all quote which is active with customer ID

Is there anyway I could print out in a table in phtml the following: Entity_id , is_active and store Is it possible to get all active quote within a customer_id? I want to show this in a table I ...
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Magento2.3: How to create a CSV and JSON file?

I have successfully got the wishlist collection of customer by referring the below link: Now, I have to ...
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Magento2.3: How to download the customer wishlist collection as a CSV file?

I have a requirement that is collecting wish-list data and download/store them as a CSV file. As of now, I have referred the below URL and tried getting the sample CSV file downloaded. How to ...
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Magento2.3: How to send a file to another server?

I have a requirement that is sending the customer details like their wish-list details, address, names, etc., to another server(I have all the credentials for that server with me). I want to send ...
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Issue with Customer Order Collection Magento 2

I have a problem with the default Magento core function. I really don't know whether it is a conflict with any other modules. When we go to the customer menu in admin and select any customer from ...
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Count of Customers with 0 Order magento 1.9

I want customers having 0 orders and there count I have done for order count of each customer but I want count of customer having 0 orders $CustomersCollection = Mage::getModel('customer/customer')->...
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How To Fetch all customer name in multi select in custom admin form

I Want To fetch all customer name in multi select in my form using customer collection Following is my form file <?php namespace Magneto\AppNotification\Block\Adminhtml\Form\Edit\Tab; use ...
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Magento 2: How to Load Customer collections in admin panel by Using Plugin

I am using plugin to load the customer collection in admin panel,this is i have done.. di.xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <config xmlns:xsi="" xsi:...
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Magento 2: performance of getCollection function

I'm currently working on a Magento 2 theme that requires collection statistics to show on the frontend. For example: what are the total number of customers at the moment. I'm using \Magento\Customer\...
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