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Questions tagged [critical]

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Magento 2 - PHP Vulnerabilities message

I am getting PHP Vulnerabilities notification and it is showing critical. Reminder on PHP VulnerabilitiesMS-ISAC has issued an alert related to multiple vulnerabilities that could allow for ...
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2 answers

Magento 2 Type Error occurred when creating object: Wyomind\Framework\Magento\Ui\TemplateEngine\Xhtml\Result

Magento 2.4 using when we are trying to log in from admin then we are getting this error - main.CRITICAL: Type Error occurred when creating object: Wyomind\Framework\Magento\Ui\TemplateEngine\...
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Magento 2.3 + store pickup : main.CRITICAL: Unable to resolve the source file

I am locked, i have the following error : main.ERROR: Unable to resolve the source file for 'frontend/WEB/website/en_US/Magestore_Storepickup/css/bootstrap/' [] [] main....
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Certs-Buzz and Magento Certified Developer Exam Training Material

I'm attempting to take the test for the Magento Certified Developer. I wonder if the appropriate responses given to each address are dependable? Since when I resulted in these present ...
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