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1 answer

Getting html page in response during get token using admin credentials in magento2

I tried to get an access token from Postman but received an HTML page in response. Here, the Magento base URL is I don't know what settings need to be configured in the ...
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2 answers

update magento issue

I'm trying to update my Magento but has some issues with the composer. When I try to use composer2 update, I get this: composer update Loading composer repositories with package information ...
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1 answer

Laminas\Mail\Protocol\Exception\RuntimeException "Authentication Failed"

I'm order the product and proceed to checkout then show the error. I'm use the "zoho credentials" after that i remove the "zoho credentials". and use the gmail Own smtp but still ...
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Magento 2 refresh admin correct credentials

I want to have a live Magento website (2.4.1) to my local machine but when I transferred the files from the server and downloaded the DB and go to the admin page he refreshes himself with no errors ...
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3 answers

Editing admin credentials after installation

I've just created my first M2 website, but I have made a silly mistake. When I ran bin/magento setup:install command, I've not changed any of the following lines: --admin-firstname=admin --admin-...
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how to write API credentials in admin login page?

I wrote a custom module to do the API cron job. However I included all the API path and access token inside the cron job. I would like to have in admin page for user to store their API path ...
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Is there a way(s) to keep developer credentials in Magento project hidden?

I'd like to store developer credentials (like name, email or something like that) inside Magento site, unlike putting (c) developer in footer , but somewhat hidden somewhere. only person who put that/...
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Invalid credentials for I've successfully configured Composer credentials with my Magento Key ...'s user avatar
5 votes
2 answers

Magento 2 Enterprise install issue

I am trying to install Magento EE 2.0.2 on my local environment. I download the version from my magentocommerce account. When I run the composer install command it is all good except when it start to ...
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