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How add indian State?

How to add Indian State lists to the corresponding country?
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magento 2 : Get country from IP address

How to get the name of the country from the ip address in magento 2. I think it will require me to use geoip, but I don't know how to do it. Any help?
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Restrict Cash on delivery based on Country under shipping method

I want to restrict COD based on country we select under billing address in checkout page
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4 votes
2 answers

Limit country drop down input field Magento 2

Currently my magento store shows all the country in shipping, billing, and register customer form. is there a way to show only some countries that i want ?
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How to get selected Allowed country list in Magento 2..?

I need to get the the Selected Allowed Countries in a phtml file.. How can i get that ?
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Programmatically Export Sales order customer details to excel format

I tried to export sales order customer details, its working fine, but i want customer country code(country name) not id. below i mention my full code. <?php require_once("app/Mage.php"); Mage::app(...
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Get customer billing address country short code (ISO Code)

How can I get the country short code (ISO) of the billing address of a logged in customer. Can anyone help? Thanks!
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