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Get order product item count in order success page - Magento 2

I want get number of product order in order success page. This found solution magento 1.9 visit Get ordered product count in magento <?php $_order = $this->getOrder() ?> <?php echo $_order-...
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2 answers

Warning Count Magento 2.2 & PHP 7.2

I receive the warning after upgrading to PHP 7.2 while running magento still in 2.2. Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /vendor/magento/module-...
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2 answers

product view count table in database magento 2?

I have to write code for getting product is working fine but i want to know where the count record comes? public function getProductCount($id) { $prodData = $this->_prodCollection-&...
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Count order with certain product

I need count the orders of a given customer only if the order contains a specific category, how to modify this to get what I want ? ex : if the order has a product from the category "watches", I want ...
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