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How to Increase file size of Importing Products to Magento 2 [duplicate]

I'm looking to import product into M2 but the allowed size is 2MB and my file has 2.33 MB how can I increase the size? Thanks in advance.
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Magento2.3.1 : No.of files increased

When I tried to open my website, I am getting the error that There has been an error processing your request Then I checked in system.log. The error is Disk quota exceeded The no.of files count ...
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How to check core files in magento 2?

In Magento 1 we can check the code structure from the core files(app/code/core). How to check the Magento 2 core files fore coding structure?
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print.less file error when run deploy command

When running php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy command it shows above error, I just replace the magento 2.1.6 files to magento 2.1.0 files now theme working fine but when run deploy command ...
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Can't upload any files to the admin dashboard?

for some reason I can't seem to save extension configuration with files attached. I'm attempting to update the logo for our PDF extension, when I browse for the file and save it confirms it was saved ...
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What increases the size of the Magento account? What can I delete to decrease the size? I'm up to 13.62 GB on the cPanel backup

Magento 890 products When I do a cPanel backup of my account - it comes up to be 13.62 GB. I think that it makes a backup of the Email also - the total size of the Email should be around 3 GB ...
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Session in files

I use magento like API. In login controller I set into session user parameter. Session are stored in files. It work well, when I login like customer or admin. But when I will loged in after admin/...
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htdocs mage.php was not found

I got error into my Magento website. /homepages/26/d589154144/htdocs//app/Mage.php was not found I have searched this on many places not get the exact solution. Please help to solve. Thanks.
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WYSIWYG media directory contents removed

Yesterday a client of mine on Magento Community had all of their media from the /media/wysiwyg/ directory deleted. We assumed human error. Then today, another client on Magento Enterprise had the same ...
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Magento2 Creating a new directory

I am trying to create a new directory in /pub/media/import folder. Creating a directory works with mkdir() but I'm having issues with folder persmission rights. How would I create a directory with ...
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Storage Configuration for Media

Recently I changed media storage from db to files via System > Configuration > System and synchronized. It finished successfully but seems to have reverted back to saving product images in the ...
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Cleaning up Magento installation: Which files & folders can be deleted?

I want to make some space on disk and clean What file & folders are safe to delete? I found /media/import/ files are safe to delete Deleting files and folder effect performance too? Is it ...
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Save file to database

I need to save an uploaded file to the database preferrably in the table core_file_storage as a blob and retrieve it later. I want this connected to a customer. Currently the files are being saved in ...
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File upload process for product file option?

I need to be able to modify the file of my product file type option after an order has been placed. I then added, in the frontend order view using a <form> tag, a choose file button which allow ...
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Why was get.php and/or `core/file_storage_database` Created?

Since around version 1.5 or 1.6, Magento's had a file in the root folder named get.php. This file, using the core/file_storage_data model, allows Magento system owners to serve their product media ...
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