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Magento 2 + How Delete 50 products with images in a single time with creating custom consumer::queue?

I have 1lac products in Magento, I want to delete the products based on some condition like if the product is disabled, but if we delete all products in a single time using corn the server can crash. ...
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Magento 2 Mysql message queue not consuming the request

I am using Magento 2.4 cloud. I've created a mysql asynchronous queue for order processing by following the link below. ...
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The consumer isn't authorized to access %resources. "resources": "Magento_Customer::manage"

magento is sending the next error when calling a GET API. Does anyone have the solution to the error? { "message": "The consumer isn't authorized to access %resources.", "...
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Magento 2 Message Queue - Type Error with expected string, null given

First of all, I am not new to Magento 2 development, I know how to create modules. However, I struggle for 3 days now to get a simple Message Queue in Magento 2 to work. Here are my XML files: ...
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Running Magento bin commands without keeping in terminal

Is there a way to run these commands: php -dmemory_limit=12G bin/magento catalog:images:resize -a or php -dmemory_limit=12G bin/magento queue:consumer:start without ...
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Magento 2.4 EE - Consumers or RabbitMQ Consumers are not working, it should work automatically after deployment

Summary of the issue Queue Consumers are not working, it should work automatically after deployment. Information on your environment Magento EE 2.4 , RabbitMQ 3.8, Composer version- 1.10.16 ...
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Getting `Area code is already set` when running consumers

When I am running any of the consumers command from the console: bin/magento queue:consumers:start exportProcessor I am getting the following exception from the vendor/magento/framework/App/State.php,...
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