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What should I have to do for these error logs

While checking I found these error logs. Anyone can help me what should I have to do please? Here's the error logs:
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How far can one get using magento with no coding experience?

I've been searching since yesterday and can find no information on this question. I'm planning an ecommerce store. At first I just want to keep it as simple as possible. I have 3 partners who are able-...
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Magento 2 - Marketing Conversion Tag Troubleshooting

I work at an agency with a client trying to put a conversion code with dynamic parameters into the purchase success page. The code requires Magento 2's unique identifiers to create the hit that relays ...
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How to add a text on Homepage using module (code) [closed]

Need help writing a code for adding text on Homepage. I'm running Magento 2 on localhost
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How to create soap api method to sign up in magento website from facebook account?

I want to create a soap api method for sign up from facebook login details. In which I will use user facebook id and password from user and create magento website sign up from this detail
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Product Page Help

I am looking at having my product page normal again. After a recent update, our products seemed to go 4 in one row then 1 in the next.
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Coding standard clarification in Magento2

I have installed PHP_Codesniffer extension to find out the Magento 2 coding standard issues. I have run the below command. phpcs --standard=Ecg --extensions=php,xml,phtml --report-full=/path/testing....
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Body code from DFP is appearing twice on website [closed]

I am new to Magento and trying to implement the DFP code on site. I was able to serve one ad out of three without any issue. But the other two are not serving. There are two parts head and body. ...
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Where to Paste the Google Adsense Code in Magento?

I just got my code and need to paste the code into the HTML of the website Right after the tag. I couldn't figure out it. Can you please explain to me where to paste it in Magento? I am pretty new ...
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Login Button Not Working

I'm not sure what I did here, but I've killed my Login button when I reworked the login.phtml file. Here is the original code, which works, followed by the reworked code, which everything works on ...
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CLI: set website

I'm trying CLI coding. I just tried to get all Users, want to load them and list data or do some actions. <?php require_once 'abstract.php'; class Shell_List extends Mage_Shell_Abstract { ...
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Display variable from code file?

I'm trying to change an extension's code, and I need to display some variable contents from code files (app/code/community/extension/block/file.php) in order to be able to track down the changes I ...
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Check/Audit Magento custom code

Is there a way ,or some steps which ensure any custom module/code written in Magento is adhering to all standard/best practices, without it breaking Magento in any case i.e upgrades,extension ...
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How to setup a ChildHtml Block/Code

I have a phtml file that displays/echo's a block of HTML code that I wish to place onto the product page of my website. basically, I'd like to add this piece of code to the view.phtml: echo $this-&...
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related products by brand, coding

I want to display in the related products items from the same brand in order from the latest added. I was looking for an extension that can do it and didn't find it. So I figured out that the solution ...
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Could Not Resolve the Method

I am confused about this method declaration. In this class Wrapper.php (Mage/Page/Block/Html/) under _toHtml() method, there is a line coded as below. $id = $this->hasElementId() ? sprintf(' id="%...
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