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What is the function of Magento\Payment\Gateway\Command\CommandPool and how to use it properly?

I installed a custom extension for my Magento 2.3 payment gateway, then i want to process the order payment in another extension, then i come across this code within the extension: <virtualType ...
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How to activate a new module in magento 1 this module should create a table

I am trying to activate a new module in Magento 1. Here are my actions step-by-step: I created a new file in /app/etc/modules, called : Mage_ContactMessage.xml : I created a new folder in /app/code/...
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I cannot find the local codePool in magento [duplicate]

I am using magento 1.9 in ubuntu and the code folder does not consist of local . The Mage.php consist of Mage.php - /** * Set include path */ $paths = array(); $paths[] = BP . DS . 'app' . DS . '...
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Overriding local controller with own new local controller

I've added some functionality to the Amasty_Xcoupon module, but after upgrading from v1.0.6 to 1.1.6, the codepool of the module changed from community to local. This somehow results in my controller ...
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