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Magento migration (upgrade)

I am a beginner in Magento. So can anyone please tell me a proper way to upgrade Magento 1 website to Magento 2 I have required an expert person guide only. Thank You
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Migrating code & data from 1.9 to 2

Our site is currently running in PHP 5.4 with Magento 1.9. I want to migrate the site to the latest version of Magento along with PHP 7. We have created & used a lot of custom modules & using ...
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Why code migration tool is missing in magento 2?

Why code migration tool is missing here? -> Is there any code migration tool or process available?
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Where did the Magento Code Migration Toolkit go?

I'm migrating a site from Magento 1 to Magento 2. I have a few custom extensions that I want to move over. The Magento 2.4 documentation links to a "code migration toolkit" on github, ...
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Magento module migration from 1.9 to 2.3 using code migration tool

I want to migrate one community module which i downloaded from here I am following the steps given over
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Data Migration from M1 to M2

i want to migrate only Customer data not site and stores data from M1 i am using Ubertheme migration tool ?
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Magento1 to Magento2 Migration Process Step

Magento1 to Magento2 Migration Process Step Know you free tool plugin available and file both migration Lets me know
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Magento 1.9 all admin extension changes not showing up

app/code/local extension php file changes not reflected in admin panel templete phtml file working well DEMO Site- New Site (Not reflected)-
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How to migrate Magento1.x module to Magento2.x?

If i want to migrate Magento1.x module to Magento2.x how we can do this and how would be good according to its accuracy it should be a good approach?
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How to use code migration toolkit in magento2?

Below is the Github link for Code migration toolkit magento2. I need to migrate my magento1 modules to magento2 standards. Does this supports it? If it ...
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Issues using the Code Migration to migrate to Magento CE v2.2.3 w/ PHP 7.1

I'm attempting to use the code-migration toolkit provided by Magento to assist in our migration to Magento CE v2.2.3 (from v1.9.3.4), but after I clone the latest branch and execute either composer ...
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Equivalent code of Mage::app()->getLocale()->getNumber() in Magento2

I would like to find out the magento2 equivalent of the below code from magento 1 Mage::app()->getLocale()->getNumber() Can anyone assist me?
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Magento2 Add block to theme for custom phtml file

I have a custom phtml file which I am calling on a page, and I would like to display the products from the site in this block. I'm doing a migration from m1 and in the original file the following code ...
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Magento 2: Could not map class in code-migration Tool

When using the Magento Inc. provided code migration tool, there's a number of mapping files that need to be generated. One of those is a class dependency map. Per the, you can generate ...
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