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I got hacked - Magento problem when applying patch

I have a store running magento and I got hacked. Someone accessed the admin page - and added a paypal account, probably using an XSS vulnerability. I applied the patches SUPEE-1533, SUPEE-5344,...
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12 votes
1 answer

Security reminders keep rolling in... (SUPEE-5344 & SUPEE-1533)

I have several Magento installations, that I manage on behalf of our clients. We already patched the vulnerabilities, but the warnings keep rolling in. We just received the third warning on all sites. ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Product which allows user input which take price from this

Currently working on a website were some products require user input for example Width and Height From this the m2 price (for example 14) is done between the width and height given by the user and ...
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Setting website config to blank, Magento uses default

Magento doesn't seem to like me setting blank config values at website or store level. Steps to reproduce (,, 1) change config scope to website 2) untick use default next to '...
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Magento CIM integration issue with completion of order

I am attempting to set up's CIM payment method to work within Magento Community Edition, version Since it is handled quite differently than the DPM and AIM methods, I have built ...
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