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265 views to Upgrade Issue

I am trying to upgrade magento to but I am getting the following error every time. I tried going to 1.6.2 as a test but having the same issue: Error in file: "/app/code/core/Mage/...
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Magento CE support PHP5.5?

My store currently uses Magento CE and it works well on server with PHP 5.4.45. Now the server will be upgraded to PHP 5.5. Will my store (Magento CE supports PHP 5.5? Appreciate any ...
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Product pages displaying 404 page

We've recently upgraded a site from CE to CE, and now all product pages just resolve to a 404 page. This applies for direct links, with the product-url.html after the domain, and also ...
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Error on indexing flat data?

I have a magento website based on community edition which i have upgraded from magento website is having more than 40,000 products. My problem is that the indexing process on flat ...
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