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How to unset layered navigation block if theres not filters inside layered navigation

How can I unset sidebar.main container if there's no layered navigation the layered search result page navigation if there's no filters catalogsearch_result_index.xml
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How to show Shop by Color filter on category page Claue theme Magento 2

I am using Magento 2 and facing issue to show Shop by Color filter. I am using Claue theme. I checked for the Use in Layered Navigation option inside Store > Attribites > Product > Color. The option ...
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How to add category select in admin block page without UI component?

I am trying to add category selector in my block page without UI component. This is my block file. <?php namespace Uedakanamono\BannerSlider\Block\Adminhtml\Banner\Edit\Tab; use Magento\...
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