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Catalog Search index process always fail

Catalog Search indexation never end succefully. I am using Opensearch with elasticsuite. I have 3 Vms VM1 : Magento VM2 : Mysql VM3: Opensearch Magento : I have Magento with 7 stores and more than ...
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M 2.4.2 - catalog Search with custom attribute not showing

I am using Magento 2.4.2, but sometimes the default search bar does not work elasticsearch engine for the catalog search. For example, I have a product with custom attribute called "HU816x56&...
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Magento 2.4 reindex catalogsearch_fulltext issue with elasticsearch

I have Magento2.4 with an elastic search version (7.9.2), Indexing of the catalogsearch_fulltext shows error {"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"...
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Customization of quick search

My Magento version is 2.3 community, What I want to know is how can i detect a full text search not a combined one, Example - when I search the word Apollo plus I want it to show results only for ...
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