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How to get the Product Entity targeted in a Scheduled Update?

I am using 2.3.x Magento Enterprise. I am able to get the schedules updates. And for brevity I'm using the Object Manager in my example as a proof of concept: $om = ObjectManager::getInstance(); /**...
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Staging environment to manage the catalog

I would like to be able to manage the catalog in a staging environment and make sure that in cron (or other way) the catalog (categories and products) synchronize from Staging to Production.
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M2 Enterprise: How to add Special Price for product from date to date programmatically?

I want to add a Special Price for a product from date to date programmatically by code but don't know how. I can set in admin but I want to use code to save multiple products. I use Enterprise ...
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magento2 - how to create Scheduled Changes (Magento_CatalogStaging module) of product programmatically?

I want to set "Special Price" for product from date to date programmatically by code but don't know how, i use Magento 2 EE. I can set in admin use then but I want use code to set ...
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Magento 2: Schema Changes for EE Catalog Staging

Does Magento 2's "EE Catalog Staging" feature rename the entity_id column of the catalog_product_entity_datetime table to row_id? An old client recently reached out to me to say, after upgrading to ...
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