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Offering a free gift with purchase of a particular product type like (Buy X products Get Y Free)

We need to the ability to provide customers who purchase a particular product type (attribute type) a free type of gift with that product. The products offered as a free gift are associate products ...
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Magento2 catalogrule promotions, ability to choose price or special_price?

By default catalogrule promotions are applied to price field. Changing this was one classic request in most Magento 1 projects we have managed One approach could be to apply catalogrule promotions to ...
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Catalog Price Rules applied to special_price

Currently magento is using the special price if its lower than the applied catalog price rule. => If the catalog price rule makes the product cheaper than the special price, then the catalog price ...
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Magento 2 Create Catalog Price Rule Programmatically

I have used the below code to create catalog price rule programmatically. It creates the rule,but the conditions are not saved. $catalogPriceRule = $this->_objectManager->create('Magento\...
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Change Magento URL category Rules

I'm trying to modify URL-Category Rules, from Category Hierarchy-Oriented rules to Seo-Oriented rules. So i need to change URLs in this way. From: - Root-Category (URL: /rootcategory.html ) -- ...
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How to get the product collection based on catalog & cart price rules?

I am trying to get all products based on catalog price rules and cart price rules under all categories which is valid for today's date in Magento 2
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2 answers

Catalog Rule Round rule_price of catalogrule_product_price

How i can round rule_price from table catalogrule_product_price ? i try to change calcPriceRule from Mage_CatalogRule_Helper_Data, no results! have you an idea of what function save rule_price in ...
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Magento 2 custom catalog condition rule not saving in custom module

I have added custom catalog conditions to my custom module admin form. a condition drop-down is displayed fine and in post data, condition value is also getting. but I am unable to save condition ...
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