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3 answers

How to extend catalog_product_view.xml for a specific product type?

I created a new product type, and I want to create a product page in the frontend. How can I customize catalog_product_view.xml without affecting other product types?
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2 answers

Magento 2 Customer Id is not updating after login

I have a form in the product view section. In this form, I am keeping the logged-in user's id hidden. First I log in as one customer and then log out from that account. Again I log in as another user, ...
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1 answer

Magento 2: Change product template based on the category

We have multiple categories and each category has it's own products(mostly simple products). The products in each category has different UI design for product view page / product details page. I know ...
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Display product attribute dropdown box value on product page, with custom placement?

I'm building a Luma child theme and I want to display my "brand" product attribute above the product title on my product page. I am currently using the following code in my child theme's ...
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2 answers

Custom Block to Product Page with selection attribute is not showing

I am trying to create an option where I can select yes or no in the backend, and when it's set to yes, it adds a block with an image in the product page. Here's what I have so far: I created a Yes/No ...
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3 answers

how to add custom container inside container in magento 2.3.1

how to add custom container in class="product-info-main" referenceContainer="content" and inside catalog.product.view.xml file catalog.product.view.xml <referenceContainer ...
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