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Magento2: custom header.phtml stays cached forever!

I have a child theme, and uploaded a custom header: header.phtml. Right after I uploaded, it showed it correctly in the front-end. However, changing something in this custom header, never reflects ...
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Fastly CDN not refresh custom page

We have Fastly CDN configured in Website, and we have a custom page where we are displaying product listing. When admin makes changes in the product, it's reflecting correctly in front-end product ...
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Disable Akamai For Magento Backend

We use Akamai for our CDN on our Magento store, and I'm running into some issues where it would be nice to disable the CDN for our admin area. Does anyone know a simple way to do this? I tried ...
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Magento 2 : Flush Magento Cache Results in Site Speed Up

I've been noticing that flushing Magento cache (by clicking on the "Flush Magento Cache" button) speeds up both Magento frontend and Admin panel. Page load speed eventually returns to a slower state, ...
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Caching magento 2 (with CDN)

On a local server I have a test-instance of Magento 2, by running a new build on that server and then rsyncing the code to the production, I switch to a new without downtime. Recently I have added a ...
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How Magento2 Checks If To Serve Request From Cache Or From DataSource?

Example: We have a Full Page Cached Category Page, How System Know Weather To Send Cached Data as a Response, Or Hit Database and Send response. If it uses any cache tag, where does it check?
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Magento 2: Block in Layout not Respecting Cacheable = False

I have a block my custom module. The layout file is called davecms_shopping_checkout.xml. Lets assume the module name is davecms and it has a route with a name and id as ...
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working with cachekeys Enterprise Edition 1.9

So I want to make sure magentos FPC doesn't mess things up in my header. Based upon some logic I will load one of two sections. Here is my thinking thus far: On view: create key(1) or create key(2) ...
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I have a custom search function that just started having a bit of an issue with caching (I'm assuming)

I'm not sure when it started not working or if it ever worked. Helping a friend out with their website. I'm going to assume it was working at some point. I looked in the logs while refreshing the page ...
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LiteMage Cache not working for logged in users in Mangento2

For my magento 2 website which uses Litemage cache, Once the litemage cwral is done I can see public pages are being cached. I wanted to cache private pages as well. For private cache, Actually, I ...
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How to resolve Varnish Server Caching Issue in Magento 2?

in my setup, I need to clear varnish caching at the server at all time even I make small changes then also need to clear the varnish cache at the server side so can anyone help me with this?
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Login caching and sessions

So were using this third party catalog thing which I don't like much at all. I won't get into all the details of my disliking but for starters it runs in an iframe. Now if a customer is browsing ...
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Rebuild cache (varnish/redis) after clearing?

I have my shops set up with Varnish and Redis, that all works great. It's fast, responsive. But after clearing the caches (i.e. after updating repositories and what not), every first load of every ...
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Caching bundle product pages

our product detail pages (bundle products) load very slowly (10-20 seconds, most of it is scripting time). There is no caching (FPC is enabled) and every time the page is reloaded, the complete ...
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Magento 2 Product Detailed Page(PDP) Varnish PageCache Test Failed

I've created some Magento2 Extension, I've uploaded those code into the Magento2 Market place. In that market place, there has some kind of code validation procedure, and I've written my code as per ...
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Varnish is cached but Google Chrome showing not cached?

I have installed Varnish and configured it as per as the guideline. And when I try it curl -I I get following which seems its working correctly. HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Sat, 28 ...
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Magento2 - Why Varnish is better the Full Page caching in Magento2

Magento2 officially recommend to use Varnish on production as it's much faster than the built-in cache, but they don't describe why it's better than the Full Page cache and what are the missing ...
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Previous customers name showing in cached static block

I wanted to build a static block in Magento where when a customer logs in they see there name with a welcome message (dependant on name length), however it appears on implementation that the previous ...
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Clearing Full Page Caching on product stock change Magento2 custom product listing page

I want to clear full page caching on my custom product listing page in my module if any product get out of stock. Actually I need to show "out of stock" label on the products that are not in stock but ...
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Magento : Extend Caching Time For External JS

I want to Increase Expire time for External JS how can I achieve this? Extend from .htaccess doesn't work for this. And We can use CDN for External JS , like zopim , zendesk , google fonts , google ...
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Magento some product suddenly disappear

We have Magento EE recently we moved to new AWS EC2 server and ElasticCache Redis server. then some random products start disappearing in the frontend. They exist on backend and configured ...
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Magento 1.9 - memcached not working while using in shared environment

I am configuring multiple Magento 1.9 instances on an amazon server. I want to store my sessions on memcached. for that I am using below configuration in my local.xml as suggested in magento. <...
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Magento plugins Disable/enable problems

I am noticing really weird problems after installing plugins. Sometimes the plugins get disappeared in the backend when we refresh the backend and sometimes it appears in the backend. I havent used ...
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