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Cache warming is designed to help reduce the execution times of the initial queries executed against a database. This is done by preloading the database server's cache with database pages that were referenced the last time the database was started. Warming the cache can improve performance when the same query or similar queries are executed against a database each time it is started.

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Magento 2 - Get page cache by tag name in cache warmer

I am creating a cache warmer, before crawling page to re-generate cache, I want to check if page cache is created. Let's say, I have a product with the ID 156 now cache tag would be ...
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Magento 2 cache warmer for all customer groups

I am creating cache warmer extension for Magento 2. The main logic that I am using is: A cronjob will get all the URLs from url_rewrite table and crawl every URL using curl calls. The issue that I ...
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Varnish and cache warmer

I use cache warmer (Mirasvit) with Varnish. Cache warmer doesn't work correctly - either doesn't warm up product pages (config from: